Choosing the Right Fibreglass Pool Shape & Size Melbourne

Not all pools are created equal and choosing the right Fibreglass Pool Shape and Size Melbourne is a must!

When it comes to creating your dream swimming pool in Melbourne, choosing the right fibreglass pool shape and size is key. We understand the importance of getting it just right, especially for budget-conscious families, so we’re here to guide you through the options.


The Oz Pool: Accommodates everyone’s needs.

 This spacious curved rectangular design is perfect for families looking for a versatile pool where kids can have fun and parents can unwind. With a classic shape, the Oz Pool allows for various poolside activities like swimming laps, lounging, and water volleyball. Three length options (7.2m, 8.2m and 9.2m) accommodate most yard sizes. 

Fibreglass Pool Shape & Size - Contemporary Pool

The Contemporary Pool: A sophisticated outdoor oasis.

Sleek lines and modern aesthetics add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space.

The Contemporary’s simple rectangle design makes it easier to clean and maintain and the style will complement a modern landscape.

Available in 6 lengths from 6 to 11 metres, this pool is versatile luxury.

The Harvest Pool: For nature lovers.

The Harvest pool’s organic curves and design blend seamlessly with natural surroundings.

This one is an eco-friendly choice that harmonises with the environment and would suit homeowners with scenic landscapes who want a pool that enhances the natural beauty of their property.

Available in six lengths from 6.4m to 11.4m

Fibreglass Pool Shape & Size - Harvest Pool

The Lap Pool: Supporting active lifestyles.

The elongated, narrow design is ideal for swimming laps and maintaining an active lifestyle. At 3m wide, the Lap Pool is perfect for smaller yards where space is limited and is available in two lengths of 12m or 15m. This pool is great for fitness enthusiasts, swimmers, and those with limited space.


The Classic Pool: Standing the test of time

The timeless design of the Classic pool includes clean lines and versatility to ensure it never goes out of style. At 4.4m wide and two length options of 8m or 10.1m, the Classic suits a wide range of settings and landscaping options.

Fibreglass Pool Shape & Size - Urban Pool

The Urban Pool: Transform your urban oasis

The name says it all.

The 3m wide Urban is designed for compact urban settings and makes efficient use of limited space without compromising on functionality.

This pool brings contemporary style to even the smallest of backyards with three lengths available (5.8m, 7m and 8m) allowing city dwellers to still enjoy the pleasures of a pool.

We specialize in fibreglass and custom designed pools. Our goal is to create pools that match your lifestyle and preferences.

Ready to dive in and find your perfect pool design? Reach out to us today, and let’s start the journey to your ideal pool paradise in Melbourne.