Craigieburn Plunge Pool Delight

Luxury and minimalistic style are the key features of this Craigieburn Plunge Pool & Spa Delight!

Sunsetter Pools and Spas created the perfect water oasis for this Craigieburn backyard, by transforming their property with this stunning plunge pool and spa combo.

Positioned in the outskirts of Northern Melbourne, this recent pool and spa build project was a colaborative effort to ensure the client’s vision for their backyard retreat was achieved. With limited space to work with, the design team focused on maximizing functionality and aesthetics.

To achieve this, the design incorporated sleek geometric shapes for the pool and spa, complemented by modern materials and landscaping that would enhance the overall appeal of the space.

Craigieburn Plunge Pool - Sunsetter

Craigieburn Plunge Pool & Spa Design Aesthetic Features

  • Smaller than a traditional pool, this 6m x 2m plunge pool is deep enough for lounging and cooling off, with out having to sacrifice valuable yard space.
  • The pool itself was crafted from high-quality materials, with a stunning tile finish that reflects the vibrant colors of the surrounding environment.
  • A compact spa, strategically positioned for optimal relaxation, features therapeutic jets and easy access from the pool.
  • The use of natural Bluestone coping pavers created a sophisticated pathway around the pool, providing a sense of continuity with the existing outdoor space.

Craigieburn Plunge Pool & Spa Design Key Features

  • This pool has a handy robotic cleaner to ensure maximum enjoyment time
  • We installed a Daisy pool blanket & roller to protect their pool from leaves and other debris when it’s not in use.
    • The completion of this pool and spa build project in Melbourne is a testament to the seamless integration of thoughtful design, skilled construction, and careful attention to detail.
    Craigieburn Plunge Pool - Sunsetter
    Craigieburn Plunge Pool - Sunsetter
    Craigieburn Plunge Pool - Sunsetter

    Ready to see what your backyard can be transformed into?

    As the summer heat intensifies, this small piece of paradise stands as a reminder that even in limited spaces, the right design can bring boundless joy and relaxation.

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