Designing your dream pool Melbourne

Are you ready to turn your dull yard into a splashtastic wonderland? We’re not just talking about any old pool. We’re talking about the one pool to rule them all. We’re talking about your pool. “But isn’t a pool, a pool? Aren’t they all the same?” Great question and the answer may surprise you. Come with us on a whirlwind tour of pool design magic because there is more to a pool than meets the eye. Jump in – the water’s perfect!

Designing Your Dream Pool Melbourne

Classic chic or modern marvel?

When it comes to designing your dream pool in Melbourne, the world is your oyster, and the style is your pearl! If you’re all about timeless vibes, classic pools are your go-to.

Picture elegant shapes like rectangles or ovals, paired with lush landscaping that’ll whisk you away to your own secret garden.

But hey, if you like something a little more unexpected, modern pools are your canvas for creative expression.

Infinity edges that seem to melt into the horizon, geometric wonders that challenge conventions – these are your keys to making a splash with style.


Simple designs with clean lines are back in, rectangle and square minimalist shapes are great space savers but don’t let that constrain you. Eco-friendly and sustainable designs are on-trend and we expect will remain so. But why not consider something a little ‘extra’ like a tanning ledge where you can bask in the sun like a superstar?

These are popular additions to consider when designing your dream pool Melbourne as are multiple lighting features.

Curved pool edges are another trendy pool design – just take a look at this stunning pool in Lysterfield! The curved edge gives the pool and whole new look and is just fabulous!

Designing Your Dream Pool Melbourne - Lysterfield
Designing Your Dream Pool Melbourne

Landscaping and lighting dreams

Ever wondered how to transform your pool area into a tropical paradise?

Native plants that practically thrive on good vibes and sunshine are your green companions in creating a low-maintenance, jaw-dropping oasis.

As for lighting, from LED lights that’ll make your pool glow like a bioluminescent wonderland come nightfall to eco-friendly solar lighting that highlights waterfalls or other unique features, your pool area can be the hottest ticket in town come sunset.

Think underwater disco party meets a serene moonlit swim.

It’s your turn to make waves

Ready to jump into the deep end? With over fifteen years of experience, we’ve turned ordinary yards into backyard paradises all over Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. From perfectly crafted spa-pool combos, to self-cleaning systems and automation that’ll make your pool feel like it’s from the future, we’re here to turn your pool dreams into a reality that even mermaids would envy. Contact us now. Let’s dive in together!