Glen Iris Concrete In-ground Swimming Pool

Inner City areas are famous for having smaller backyards and this Glen Iris property was no exception.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, this elegant and family-friendly pool has created the perfect outdoor space to relax and create memories.

With limited space and size restrictions, the design of this in-ground concrete swimming pool was a challenge that the team at Sunsetter Pools took on and created a stylish outdoor aqua area.

Designed to seamlessly blend in with this newly renovated, luxurious, and modern Melbourne property, this classic rectangular swimming pool maximises the space with style.

This Glen Iris swimming pool embellishes the attractive Mooloolaba pool tiles in 48mm from The Pool Tile Company, paired elegantly with Silver Travertine pavers, batten Spotted Gum fencing, timber decking, glass fencing, and gorgeous Ornamental Pear Trees that elegantly line the fence.

The glass fencing allows the decking area and garden lawn to seamlessly integrate whilst still maintaining the safety and protection that is needed with your home pool.

The aluminum in-deck pool cover inconspicuously fades into the paving, as does the Hide Skimmer lid, ensuring the cool blue swimming pool remains the feature of this luxurious backyard.

Glen Iris Concrete Inground Swimming Pool
Sunsetter Pool Tree Fence Line
Glen Iris Concrete In-ground Swimming Pool Aesthetic Features

  • This custom-designed concrete 6m x 3m swimming pool is the perfect size for inner Melbourne Metro homes.
  • The raised wall feature creates a perfect spot to dive in or lounge and sunbathe.
  • Magnesium swimming pool minerals ensure that this pool stays crystal clear and perfectly inviting all year around.

Glen Iris Concrete In-ground Swimming Pool – Key Pool Features

  • Paramount PV3 in-floor cleaning system means your pool can clean itself while you relax! PV3 is engineered to ensure that the entire pool will automatically clean itself. This includes the pool walls, floors, benches, steps and even spas. Ensuring you always have a sparkling clean pool, ready for the family to enjoy!
  • The electric heating with energy efficient filtration equipment extends your swimming season and ensures the pool’s water is kept clear, clean and healthy.
  • The in-deck roller pool cover not only looks inconspicuous but helps to keep the heat in and the leaves out!
  • An auto-water lever is an inexpensive, yet highly valuable addition to any pool. The auto-leveler automatically maintains the correct level of water without having to monitor and manually top up your pool. The correct water level is required for filtration equipment to continue to run effectively and efficiently.
Glen Iris Concrete Inground Swimming Pool
Glen Iris Concrete Inground Swimming Pool

This entire space; the swimming pool, paving, Ornamental Pear trees, glass fencing and timber batten fencing were all designed, organised, sourced and constructed by Sunsetter Pools and Spas. We saw this project out from start to finish.

A custom-designed in-ground concrete swimming pool is a great investment to your home and to your lifestyle.

Worried that you don’t have the space for a pool?

Contact Sunsetter Pools & Spas today and begin working through the design and construction stages of your own in-ground concrete swimming pool!