Melbourne Pool & Landscaping Renovation

We all love our homes and gardens  – nothing beats the feeling of when when we first move in and created a very own sanctuary.

Overtime we often need to update and adapt our spaces to suit our new lifestyles and needs – or you might just feel like creating a brand new oasis!

A well-executed pool & landscaping renovation can breathe new life into your outdoor space, transforming it into the envy of the neighbourhood and a place you’ll feel excited to use.

Check out the potential of our backyard makeover magic! We’ve outdone ourselves this time, so we had to share.

This space wasn’t just about the existing swimming pool, it was about a complete refit that has taken this yard from old and tired to modern and sleek.

Plus, we’ve sprinkled in some extra fairy dust with lighting and a basketball court to take family fun to the next level!



Pool & Landscaping Renovation

Before we weaved our renovation magic

This pool space lacked a certain something that made it less inviting.

The rendered interior was no longer maintainable, the fencing no longer worked with the unloved timber decking and the water-line tiles needed desperate replacing.

This family wanted something special and we wanted to deliver it.

We knew this required more than just a facelift, it required a creative and functional design that would call for some of our favourite suppliers, so that’s exactly what we did.


The swimming pool upgrade

The heart of this renovation lies in the pool itself.

We transformed the rendered structure to fully tiled using Carrara 48mm ceramic mosaics from The Pool Tile Company.

This not only brought a touch of elegance but also ensured durability and easy maintenance.

Gone is the salt chlorinator, replaced with Magnesium Minerals for crystal clear water, providing a safe and calming swimming environment for everyone.

With solar heating, an electric heat pump, and a pool blanket, swimming becomes enjoyable year-round.


Pool and Landscaping Renovation after

The exterior upgrade

Beyond the pool, the exterior received a deserving makeover as well.

Tundra Grey paving from RMS Traders now surrounds the pool, promising premium quality for years to come.

The flow from the environment to the pool is now smooth, establishing a unified and visually pleasing atmosphere.

Meticulously installed timber batten fencing and artificial turf from our own team infuse the area with warmth and texture, elevating the overall appeal.

Coping paving and additional paving by Poolside Paving tie everything together, ensuring a unified and polished finish.



Pool and Landscaping Renovation after
The add-ons

No renovation is complete without thoughtful additions.

Lighting by Jai Lane Electrical illuminates the space, creating ambiance and extending usability into the evening.

Additionally, we coordinated the installation of a basketball court by MSF Sports, adding a fun and versatile element to the outdoor area.

This renovation showcases the power of transformation.

What was once a tired pool space is now a haven for this family. From the elegant pool upgrade to the thoughtfully curated exterior enhancements and exciting add-ons, every element contributes to a space that invites relaxation and enjoyment.

If you’re ready to transform your pool and landscaping, contact Sunsetter Pools & Spas today to bring your vision to life.


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Pool and Landscaping Renovation after