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Coming into the summer months, the best way to maintain your pool and get the most out of your heating system is by installing a pool blanket. If you’ve been considering investing in a pool blanket, now is the perfect time to make that investment.

What is a Pool Blanket?

A pool blanket, also known as a pool cover, is a large sheet (or blanket) that covers your pool from end to end, keeping debris out and the heat in!

They are great for all pools – indoor and outdoor – including concrete, fibreglass and custom designed pools.


What does it do?

Sunsetter Pools & Spas uses two main types of pool blankets – thermo pool covers and bubble pool covers.

Thermo Pool Covers are used for pools that are shaded or indoor, we use them as they keep your pool warm, but don’t absorb the sun’s rays. You’ll get the most out of your heating system in shaded areas with thermo pool covers.

We custom cut the blankets to fit your pool, so they will fit all shapes and sizes (and even spas!)

The other type of pool cover we use are Bubble Pool Blankets.

Melbourne homes have a vast variety of pool shapes and sizes, so heating can be costly. Why not use the power of the sun to help reduce some of those costs?

Bubble Pool Covers are able to heat the pool through the sun whilst keeping your pool free from debris!

Dromana Pool Blankets Melbourne

Why do you need a Pool Blanket?

With a hot summer on the horizon, pool blankets are great for the following:

Water Evaporation – Water evaporation can be a massive issue for pool owners, it occurs from extreme heat, warm days that turn into cool nights and from wind exposure. A pool blanket can stop up to 97% of evaporation occurring. A heated swimming pool left uncovered can lose up to twice its volume in one year – that’s a lot of water!

Warmth – Pool covers can help to keep the heat in. On average, your pool can drop up to 8 degrees overnight, so by using a cover you will save on running costs.

Chemical Savings – When water-loss or evaporation occurs, you must top your pool up with water. This then requires new chemicals to balance the water and this can get quite costly. Less evaporation = less money spent on chemicals = more money spent on things you want (like an awesome water feature)

Less Maintenance – Having a pool blanket to protect your pool and its interior certainly helps with the longevity of your pool. Plus, it helps to keep out debris like leaves and sticks and also means you won’t find a family of ducks settling into their new home!


Types of Pool Blankets

Pool Blanket Roller

This stainless steel roller is easy to use and fits all designs of pools, no matter the shape. It has non-slip rubbers, large crank wheels and an easy winding system. This roller can be moved and stored out-of-sight should you wish, but its modern & sleek appearance is sophisticated and unobtrusive.

In-deck or Underground Roller Box

This system discreetly hides your pool blanket and offers a sleek and sophisticated design. This system makes rolling up blankets effortless and can blend seamlessly with the pool’s landscaping. An aluminum lid hides your pool blanket and has been manufactured to withstand bust foot traffic.

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Sunsetter Pool Blankets Melbourne
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Pool Blankets Melbourne - Sunsetter Pools
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Inground Pool Blankets Melbourne (3)

Install Your Own Pool Blanket!

Putting a pool blanket on your pool may not seem like much, but it truly can save you money, running costs and time on maintenance.

Contact the team at Sunsetter Pools and Spas to find out about their Pool Blankets Melbourne and how you can install one for your pool!

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