Pool Furniture

Pools aren’t just for swimming. They’re a place to relax, socialise, and escape the stresses of life. The right pool furniture can make your pool extraordinary.

Whether you’re remodeling your current inground pool or building a new one, you should consider the various types of built-in pool furniture that will transform your ordinary pool into a livable space that is the envy of the neighbourhood!


Let’s discuss the possibilities.


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Inbuilt Seating

Benches are versatile and practical. They can be built along the pool’s perimeter. It will create a seamless look whilst providing a seat with the pool side as the backrest. If you have an adjoining spa, a bench alongside it will encourage conversation between those in the spa and those in the cool pool water.

Inbuilt Sunbathing Ledge

Also known as a sun shelf or tanning ledge, it’s a flat shallow area for sunbathing or lounging. It is multifunctional, as it can be used as another seating option with a ledge lounger built on it. This ledge is designed to be submerged in a few inches of water, allowing users to recline while soaking up the rays.

Shallow ‘Kiddy’ Areas

The sunbathing ledge can also functions as a place for the little ones to play. Kids are happy to splash around in a few inches of water. You can also have a smaller shallow adjoining pool, or a shallow pool raised above the main pool, accessible by something cool like a bridge.

Inbuilt Tables

What else can make your inbuilt seating better, but swim-up tables too? Activities like eating, drinking or playing board games become fun and exciting when you’re doing them on a table inside a pool. You can choose to have anything from a smaller cocktail style table to a full dining table that seats six or even more.

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swimming pool heating


Tying in with seating, many pool owners choose to have a stair and bench combination. The wide steps become a functional seating area. They make it easier for people of all ages to enter the pool, while being a place for sitting and relaxing. Additionally, incorporating handrails and non-slip surfaces will ensure safety for everyone too.


Especially suitable for the deep end of the pool, a ladder is a safe bet and more practical than building stairs all the way down. There are stylish ladder options, so you won’t be looking at something they have at the local community pool. Pool ladder manufacturers have several designs to choose from.

Pool Bar

Pool bars come in all shapes and sizes. Streamlined swim-up bars are usually built on one end, and bar stools are permanently integrated into the pool floor during construction. The flat bar top is where the drinks are served. You can go beyond a bar and have an entire outdoor kitchen on the other side of the bar top.

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