Pool Sanitation and Treatments

Keeping your pool clean and hygienic is a must. There are pool sanitation and treatments, you just need to find out which is best for your pool.

Pool sanitation and treatments have come a long way from plain chlorine. Each pool has unique needs, as do you and your family. There are many options out there now that are safer, gentler on skin and free from odours.


Pool Sanitation and Treatments

Ozone Oxidizers

Ozone-oxygen purification is revolutionary. This isn’t the same mysterious substance from the sky! You can make it in our own backyard. Ozone is a blue-coloured gas made of three oxygen atoms. It kills bacteria, parasites and viruses. As an oxidizer, it can chemically destroy contaminants in the water.

Instead of you adding it to the pool with other chemicals, ozone is generated by an ozone generator, which is installed in the pool’s circulation system. It sanitizes the water within this system. Once the water returns to the pool, ozone is present at a very low and safe concentration.

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Heat Pump Pool

The Pros

Softer, more hygienic water

Safe for eczema and asthma sufferers

No red eyes and itchy skin

Environmentally friendly

Less chemicals required

Reduces chlorine levels

Improves water clarity

Save time and money on maintenance.

UV Filters

A UV light system is installed in-line after your pool’s filtration system. UV light blasts through the water as it flows through graphite housing, destroying waterborne pathogens without the light ever leaving the chamber.

With highly concentrated electromagnetic energy, no pathogen can withstand a potent UV light. The formation of chloramines is eliminated too, meaning less skin irritations and stinging eyes.

The Pros

Works with any residual sanitizer

Helps reduce the amount of other chemicals

Eliminates chloramines and other harmful byproducts

Reduces eye redness and stinging, and skin irritation

Keeps water in pristine condition

Requires minimal maintenance.

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For 15 years, Sunsetter Pools has been designing and constructing pools. Just like hundreds of happy customers, you too can have your dream pool. Keeping it hygienically clean and water in pristine condition requires the right system though, and the team can advise you on your best options. Speak to Sunsetter Pools today.

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