Pool Trends in 2023: A Look Back

Let’s dive into the waters of the year that was and check out the pool trends in 2023.

If you’re getting ready to plunge into the deep end or tread the shallow waters of building a swimming pool in your yard, Sunsetter Pools has a few little pieces of inspiration from the pool trends in 2023.

What’s new and in and what’s old and out, the pool trends in 2023 are a bit of a mixed bag, but still offer up a plethora of ideas to keep you and the family cool, calm and entertained anytime you hit the water.

Pool Trends in 2023 A Look Back

Being eco-friendly and sustainable

Encompassing changes in technology, innovative design and embracing the environmental impact are all up there with making a splash for your pool.

Gone are the options for just one type of pool, with more pool owners opting for eco-friendly choices including salt water, minerals, solar heating and even choosing filtration systems which are energy efficient.

When you’re in the planning and construction stages, you can even choose materials that are eco-friendly, recycled and locally sourced.

This goes for materials in the pool, as well as fencing, decking and furniture surrounding it.

Tanning ledges

There’s more to a tanning ledge than just catching a few rays.

While they are shallow and friendly for those wanting to bathe in the sun, they also provide a great spot to relax and enjoy a sneaky cocktail or just to let the littlest members of the family play safely.

They add a touch of luxury and practicality to your pool, making them an ideal choice for both relaxation and entertainment for all members of the family.

Lighting inside and out

Even when the sun goes down and night rolls in, you can keep swimming. Transform the ambience of your pool with underwater LED lighting and make it even more fun with changing colours.

Add to the mood with the addition of soft solar lighting around the outside of the pool.

Pool Trends in 2023 A Look Back
Pool Trends in 2023 A Look Back

Incorporating different features

From water features to waterfalls, fountains, or even water slides for the kids, there are so many extras you can add to your pool for decorative or entertainment purposes.

If you want to use your pool for more than just recreation, there are also aspects for fitness including swim jets or even a more holistic wellness approach with the addition of spa elements such as heated seats or even built-in hot tubs.

When it comes to your pool design, the options are endless.

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