Sandringham Naked Freshwater In-ground Pool

Just because you live in Sandringham, conveniently located near some of Melbourne’s premier beaches, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your very own water oasis and escape. 

Check out our recent pool and spa project – Sandringham Naked Freshwater In-ground Pool & Spa for this elegant Bayside Beauty.

With a focus on privacy and nature, this Pool & Spa design was created to maximise space and still have the atmosphere of an open and spacious backyard.

By including the spa into the main pool area you get the best of both worlds – swim and cool down in hotter weather, relax and enjoy your home even in the cooler months.


Sandringham Naked Freshwater In-ground Pool
Naked Pool & Spa Builders Sandringham
Sandringham Concrete In-ground Swimming Pool & Spa – Aesthetic Features

  • This custom-designed concrete 10m x 4m swimming pool includes a 2.5m x 2m internal spa
  • Surrounding by Silver Grey Granite pavers highlight the internal 48mm Fingal tiles whilst blending into the rest of the natural hues of the yard area
  • Naked Pools Freshwater System – This system purifies your pool water without need for chlorine, salt or added minerals.Perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities –  no irritated skin or red eyes
  • Environmentally friendly – recycle the water directly to your garden without dilution since this system doesn’t use chlorine, salt or added minerals

Sandringham Concrete In-ground Swimming Pool & Spa – Key Pool Features

  • Paramount in-floor cleaning system means your pool can be built to clean while you relax! PV3 is engineered to ensure that the entire pool will automatically clean itself. This includes pool walls, floors, benches, steps and spas. A clean pool, ready for the family to enjoy!
  • Electric heating with energy efficient filtration equipment
  • Gas heating for the spa
  • Save up to 50% on running costs with the Naked Pools Freshwater System and experience longer lasting equipment and pool surrounds
  • Perfect for households who struggle with Asthma, Psoriasis and other allergies – No added chemicals!!
  • No need for showers after swim or spa time – the Natural aspects of the Naked pool system leave your skin the same as if you had showered in tap water.

Want to “Swim As Nature Intended” with your very own Freshwater in-ground pool and spa?

Contact Sunsetter Pools & Spas for some more information regarding the Naked Pools Freshwater System