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Your pool’s getting dirty and you really don’t want to clean it yourself, right?
Don’t stress. Our range of automatic swimming pool cleaners will get it done for you.
Finding the right pool cleaner for your pool is important, and we’re not talking about the type that you have to book and wait around for.

There are three main types of automatic pool cleaners. Let’s take a look at the positives of each type.

Suction Swimming Pool Cleaners

This is a suction style cleaner uses your pool’s existing filtration system. It connects directly to your skimmer or suction line that pulls in water to the pump.

This stype of cleaner moves around the pool, sucking up sediment and debris and sending it to the pump filter basket and pool filter.
The pump is responsible for pulling and pushing water, filtering out debris. The pump sucks water into the skimmer, as a filter collects dirt, then the pump pushes freshly filtered water back into the pool.
Suction cleaner features:

  • Run using your pool’s existing filtration system
  • Have cyclonic scrubbing brushes for superior cleaning
  • Climb walls and scrub at the waterline, removing stuck-on debris
  • Are quiet and operate on their own
  • Don’t need extra storage basket
  • Are great at picking up small-to-medium debris
    suction pool cleaners

    Pressure Style Swimming Pool Cleaners

    A pressure cleaner operates like a home vacuum cleaner. They are ideal for leaves and larger debris due to their higher-pressure vacuum. While they’re connected to your pool’s filter system, they have an internal filter that reduces the pressure on the main filter. Pressure cleaners move around the pool on wheels. The sweeper tail at the back of the unit gets fine debris off the walls and floor. The thrust jet on the back helps propel and direct the unit in a random pattern around the pool as it sucks up dirt into the debris bag.
    Pressure cleaner features:

    • Are simple to install
    • Quiet to use
    • Require little maintenance
    • Have their own debris bag, so they don’t compromise the filter system by bringing debris into the pump basket.
    • Can be left alone in the pool for a few hours until they’ve cleaned the whole pool base.
      Polaris Swimming Pool Preassure Cleaner

      Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

      Robotic cleaners take pool cleaning to the next level. This is one of the more advanced types of pool cleaning machines. They have onboard computer systems that map out your pool, ensuring complete coverage and cleaning. They have their own filtration components that filter your water even further.
      Robotic pool cleaner benefits:

      • Can map out the entire pool for effective cleaning
      • Identify and access places that need special care, like stairs, walls and the waterline
      • Clean your pool faster
      • Run independently of your pool pump and filtration system
      • Are simple to use – set and forget
      • Plug into your household electricity, costing only 10-15 cents per hour to clean an average size pool in just a few hours.
      Residential_Robotic_ Pool Cleaner

      Sunsetter Pools are experts in designing and building the swimming pool of your dreams.

      Every pool has unique needs. We’ll advise you on the best style of pool cleaner to suit your pool and your needs.

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