We all love hitting the water, it’s even better when you throw in a bit of fun in the form of pool entertainment.

If the idea of cutting laps doesn’t quite live up to your idea of pool entertainment, the team at Sunsetter Pools has a few ideas that might just get you ready to dive in the deep end.

The good old backyard swimming pool is more than a place to cool off or exercise. It’s a hub for pool entertainment offering a plethora of activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun.

From the excitement of adrenaline-pumping water slides and fast paced ball games to the more laidback floating sound systems, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Let’s wade through the many ideas, activities and games for your pool entertainment.


Choosing the right entertainment options for your Melbourne swimming pool


A friendly (or competitive) game of water basketball, volleyball, water polo or even tennis is sure to keep everyone splashing around. You can even liven up the match by having everyone restricted to a floating pool toy as they move throughout the pool.

If you prefer something a little more slower paced why not try out the likes of floating tic tac toe or diving for sinky toys.

When it comes to water games, the level of play (friendly or competitive) is a great way for the family to bond and build on skills, teamwork or even teaching kids the better side of sportsmanship – the intensity is always different in the water!

Pool slides

Who doesn’t want to climb the ladder and slide their way down into the pool? These structures come in various shapes, sizes and configurations, serving up thrills for both kids and the big kids alike.

Whether it’s a twisting slide or one with a steep drop, water slides up the ante and excitement for all your pool entertainment. Once you add a slide to your pool, you’ll have plenty of visitors lining up to join in the fun.

Diving boards

No swimming pool is complete without a diving board to show off your amazing jump, spin, twist and somersault skills. Okay, so maybe you won’t be off to the Olympics anytime soon, but a backyard diving board is the perfect opportunity to practice and show off your skills. While we know the diving board is high on the fun factor, they also serve up a great exercise component. Using a diving board is a great workout for your entire body, just make sure you jump clear of the board when hitting the water!

Sound systems (floating speakers)

Of course, no swimming pool entertainment experience would be complete without opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Listen to your favourite tunes with a set of floating speakers while you enjoy some quality time in the water with or without your family.

Another opportunity for a night of entertainment under the stars, set up a big screen with the speakers in the water for some time at the movies.

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Pools are a great place to have some fun with family and friends. Want to know more about how you can up the entertainment ante?
Have a chat with a team member at Sunsetter Pools for more information.

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