Top 10 Reasons to Own Your Own Melbourne Pool

Having a pool is so much fun and a great stress reliever. Do you need any more reasons to own your own Melbourne pool?

If you’ve been thinking about ways to have fun, stay fit and relieve stress, now is the time to own your own Melbourne pool. The right builder will know how to bring your vision to life.

Own Your Own Melbourne Pool

1. Happy Memories

Pools are often at the centre of many happy family memories. You spending time with the kids, and the kids getting along – no room for arguments at the pool! Fun times after school, after work, during the holidays… nothing better.

2. Added Value to Your Home

Many people yearn for a home pool, and when the pandemic hit, the demand for it soared because community pools were closed. A backyard pool adds value to any home. It’s great for those looking to own their own home and those who rent out properties and pools add to the re-sale value of homes!

3. It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Pools are fun and having fun releases endorphins. That means reduced stress, leading to better sleep. Quality sleep keeps your brain running the way it should. You’ll have more energy to do your everyday tasks, making you feel better all round.


4. The Best Party Location

There’s nothing better than a pool party. For the kids’ party, have unlimited pool toys and floats. They can have hours of fun in the water. Parties for the grownups are just as fun. The pool, music, food and drink – ingredients for a fantastic party.

5. It’s Convenient

Community pools aren’t open all day and night. Having your own pool means that you can use it anytime. You won’t have to pack bags, plus drive over there.

6. Cleanliness assured

Community pools have rules, but you can’t be sure it’s being properly cleaned and maintained, or that other patrons aren’t sick. With your own pool, you control, manage and monitor its cleanliness.

7. Keeping Fit

Swimming is great exercise. It increases your heart rate, burns calories and uses all your muscles. Swimming is low impact, and easier on the joints than most land sports.

8. Great For Solo or Group Activities

Swimming in your pool alone is great for unwinding. However, should you feel like hanging out with your friends, they can come over and you can have a nice time catching up.

Own Your Own Melbourne Pool

9. An Enviable Home Office

It’s the perfect home office. Use the outdoor furniture, catch some rays, work on your laptop and when you have Zoom meetings, you don’t need a fake background when you’ve got a gorgeous one ready!

10. It’s Cost Efficient

Think of the thousands you will save not having to pay for the entire family to go to a water/entertainment park. Many families travel interstate for these, which means staying at a hotel too.

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