Urban Styled Swimming Pools Melbourne

The dream of having a pool in your backyard may feel distant amidst the chaos of city life, however Sunsetter Pools has you covered.

Enter the Urban Pool Design—a game-changer for budget-conscious families. A smart design that caters to smaller urban spaces while ensuring the bliss of a rejuvenating dip. This oasis of affordable luxury aims to bring not just functionality but a touch of style to urban backyards, connecting families to a unique world of joy and relaxation.

Urban Swimming Pools Melbourne - Sunsetter

Family-centric design

Designed with families in mind, the urban swimming pool design is a masterpiece that understands the unique needs of parents and children alike.

Its family-friendly layout turns the urban landscape into an inviting retreat, offering a sanctuary where every family member can find their own corner of happiness within the pool.

Space without sacrifice

At the heart of the Melbourne Urban pool design’s appeal is its practical size, tailored for urban backyards.

In the face of limited outdoor space, this pool provides a compact yet luxurious solution, breaking the notion that a private swimming haven is reserved for larger properties. The urban style swimming pool redefines possibilities for budget-conscious families, making the dream of a backyard pool a reality.


Despite its modest footprint, the urban pool doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Its clever design maximises available space, creating a comfortable swimming area while leaving room for other backyard essentials.

Whether you envision a cozy lounge, a vibrant garden, or a play space for the kids, the urban pool seamlessly integrates into the landscape, offering value and versatility to your outdoor haven.

Deep-end comfort and safety

Enhancing its allure, this Urban styled pool boasts a unique seating area in the deep end.

This thoughtful addition caters to parents keen on keeping a watchful eye on their little ones, providing not just supervision but also a comfortable spot to unwind.

The deep-end seating transforms the pool into a multi-functional space, making it even more enticing for families.

Urban Swimming Pools Melbourne

Versatility for every Melbourne backyard

Flexible and accommodating, the urban swimming pool complements a variety of urban backyards. With customisation available in size and appearance, our urban swimming pools Melbourne will seamlessly blend into your outdoor space. It’s an excellent choice for townhouses, courtyards, and other confined urban settings.

Ideal for families on a budget, the Urban swimming pool is a wise investment. Its family-friendly design, practical size, and deep-end seating redefine luxury in urban backyards, proving that affordable bliss is not just a dream but a reality, regardless of your outdoor space’s size.

Contact Sunsetter Pools to find out if the urban swimming pool is missing from your backyard.