Pool blankets and Heat Pumps – The advantages of Using Them Together

Feel the warm toasty water surrounding you thanks to the amazing combination of pool blankets and heat pumps in your Melbourne home.

 If you’re using the mixture of pool blankets and heat pumps in Melbourne, Sunsetter Pools can tell you’re already on track to maintaining your pool in the best way possible.

 What is it about pool blankets and heat pumps in Melbourne that works in your favour? This combination not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of pool heating, but also provides various benefits that can make your swimming pool a true oasis. Let’s dive in for all the advantages. 

heat pumps and pool blankets melbourne ev

Pool blankets and Heat Pumps – for Energy efficiency

A pool blanket (or you may know it as a cover) helps to reduce heat loss from the pool’s water surface.

When you use a heat pump to warm the pool, the cover prevents heat from escaping into the air, which can result in significant energy savings.

This, in turn, also reduces your heating costs and makes the heat pump even more efficient.

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Time for more swimming with Pool blankets and Heat Pumps

In Melbourne, using a pool blanket and heat pump together can contribute to extending the time you get to spend in the pool.

The blanket can help trap the heat even in the cooler months of the year (Melbourne winters almost feel endless!) while your heat pump helps maintain that amazing temperature all the time.

This means you can jump in while it’s still early spring and continue swimming even as the autumn leaves begin to drop.

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pool blankets and heat pumps melbourne ev
melbourne pool blankets and heat pumps

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Improving the water quality

Pool blankets are a great way to keep unwanted leaves, dirt and other bad stuff out of the water, allowing for better water quality and reducing the evaporation so you’ll have more time to swim rather than topping up the water levels.

 The environmental factor and saving money

The financial benefits of using both pool blankets and heat pumps are substantial in and around Melbourne.

The initial investment in these technologies is quickly offset by the savings in energy bills, reduced water and chemical usage and lower maintenance costs.On top of this, the reduced energy consumption can lead to a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

While heat pumps and pool blankets offer their own individual benefits, Sunsetter Pools highlights their combined use as the best choice. 

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